Wedding FAQ


Q. What equipment do you use?
A. I'm a Canon Girl! I always have been and probably always will be! I shoot every wedding with 2x DSLR Canon cameras, a 5D Mark IV and 5D Mark III, accompanied by a range of professional prime, telephoto and wide angled lenses and flash guns.

Q. My partner & I are not naturals in front of the camera and hate having our photos taken, how do you get around this?
A. This is literally one of my most asked questions, and to be honest, it really doesn't phase me. I'm not the best in front of the camera either!
I very rarely ask couples to pose in front of the camera, as this takes away the natural and story-telling approach. I tend to use my telephoto lens for couple shots, so I am set back quite far from you, this way, you won't feel intimidated by a camera being 1 metre from your face!

Q. Do we have to feed you on the day?
A. No, it is not in my contract that I will require food on your wedding day, however it is always very much appreciated when couples offer it, but please don't feel obliged...!

Q. When do we have to pay our deposit?
A. The deposit is required to secure the wedding date. The date will be kept open and available to other couples until you complete the contract paperwork and pay the 25% deposit.

Q. When is the final balance due?
A. Your final balance is due 1 calendar month before the wedding day.

Q. We've been to weddings in the past where group photos go on for hours... will this be the case if we choose you?
A. No, not at all! Obviously, this depends on the amount of guests you have at your wedding, and the combinations you request, however I have a suggested list of 'formal photos' that are popular amongst couples. 
I obtain a list of family members and their relation to you both in advance of the day, so the group photos usually take around 20 minutes. If you have a large guest list, I usually ask a groomsman or best man to help me out with gathering the guests; which they tend to enjoy!

Q. How long do we have to wait from our wedding day, to the presentation of images?
A. I advise couples the gallery turn-around time of 28 working days. Usually galleries will be completed before this, however during the peak wedding season, it can take the full duration.